Product Recap: May 2015

Can you believe we’re already six months into the year, as of today? We can’t either. It’s unoffically the summer season! This month, we launched some writer portfolios for our growing database of Quietly writers and internally improved our map display options. Here’s a detailed product recap as to what we did this month.

Writer Portfolios

Portfolio Image

Here’s an example of a nicely fleshed out writer’s portfolio.

Every writer needs a portfolio. Back in the day, that might have been a physical book of cut-out pieces from magazines, newspapers and advertisements. Now, it means having an online space to link out to your work. As we’re growing our database of writers, we realized we needed to provide a place where writers can put their best foot forward.

Our new feature ‘Portfolios’ allow our writers to showcase their work. From native Quietly pieces to existing writing pieces from blogs and online publications elsewhere, Quietly writers now have a centralized little place online to show off their work. (Please note that our portfolio feature is exclusively available to writers at this point in time).

It’s super simple to add portfolio pieces into your profile. Just go to your profile and find ‘Add Work’ then input a URL; we’ll do the work for you by scraping an image, title and excerpt/description of the piece.

But don’t worry. If you’re not a fan of the image or copy, you can use tools from the Quietly arsenal like our image grabber or edit the title and description.

How to Portfolio

Finally, you can even add an optional Publication Name and URL to not so humbly brag about the publishers you’ve written for.

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 11.25.44 AM

If you’re curious about what makes a good portfolio, check out some of our favorite Quietly portfolios like Rebekah’s, Montana’s, or this one by Nicholas.

Map Display Improvements

Remember our awesome map view display? It allows you (the writer) to plot out items on a map to create an interactive geographic experience. We’re always tinkering to make things better and unique—especially for mobile—and this is no exception. Unlike our other display options, our map view puts emphasis on locations and context around what makes those establishments, like your favorite restaurant or museum, exceptional. We’ve made some improvements to the editing experience to make it easier than ever to map out content (literally) since adding locational content looks and feels different across our different display options. To see this bad boy in action, start making some content. In the meantime, just admire our map display below.

What To Do In Philadelphia

By Emily E. Steck

A comprehensive guide of things to do, avoid, complain about & more in Philadelphia from a native Philther (we don't actually call ourselves that).

  • Philadelphia City Hall

    By Emily E. Steck

    William Penn stands at the top of the classically built City Hall, acting as a compass of sort for those of us born before GPS. Center to the 4 Squares — Rittenhouse, Logan, Franklin and Washington.

  • South Street Philadelphia

    By Emily E. Steck

    Ignore the fact that Miley Cyrus got her new image from South Street. Cool place, cooler people. Great bars, restaurants, shops, tattoo parlors & condom shops. Welcome to South Philly.

  • LOVE Park

    By Emily E. Steck

    Feel the brotherly love yet? You will want to go to LOVE park. Go & get gone. It is tiny but iconic.

  • Liberty Bell Center

    By Emily E. Steck

    But don't try and lick it like they did on HIMYM. Just look for the spelling errors & some National Treasure type clues.

  • The Franklin Institute

    By Emily E. Steck

    For a rainy day or for you nerds, go here. Actually, everyone should go here. It's interactive, educational & awesome. Exhibits change often but some are permanent fixtures.

  • Chestnut Street

    By Emily E. Steck

    You like buying stuff? Why not buy stuff here? It's close and compact and our taxes aren't as crazy as other big cities. Plus, home to Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie!

  • Northern Liberties

    By Emily E. Steck

    It's hipster central, but that doesn't mean it isn't great. Plenty of bars, music, the Piazza!, breweries, diners, restaurants & more.

  • Citizens Bank Park at the Phillies Game

    By Emily E. Steck

    You like baseball, but hate the Phillies? We won't share the brotherly love. We're the craziest fans in the USA. Just go with it, be a game down at the park or at a sports bar.

  • Reading Terminal Market

    By Emily E. Steck

    Prepare to feast, shop, feast, shop. Bring your fat jeans & heavy grocery bags because you will want to buy everything from this public market. Save room for a dessert. Or 10.

  • Rocky Balboa Statue

    By Emily E. Steck

    Do not attempt to run up the stairs at the Art Museum. I repeat, do not. You WILL run out of breath. Instead, take a quick selfie with Rocky Balboa. Then go to the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

  • Fairmount Park

    By Emily E. Steck

    Originally designed to protect Philly's water system, it's Philadelphia's greatest claim to fame park wise. Beautiful, much to do.

  • Italian Market

    By Emily E. Steck

    Boasting the best Italian food (and more!) in Philadelphia, Italian Market has more to offer than just the Italian food.

  • Geno's vs Pats Steaks

    By Emily E. Steck

    Cheesesteaks > sandwiches. There is a debate about Geno's versus Pat's but honestly? Anywhere that looks remotely Italian & pizza place like will do. Also: no cheese wiz, please.

  • University City

    By Emily E. Steck

    Ethnic food galore! Plus, it's home to University of Pennsylvania & Drexel University. College feel and look but close to the city. Access to museum, lectures, libraries and parks.

  • Please Touch Museum

    By Emily E. Steck

    The anit-museum. And for kids no less. Lots of fun stuff to do for little children.

That’s all we’d like to share about May thus far. Tune into our blog this month for some rad coverage on content marketing, product updates, industry insights and free tips for freelance writers. Au revoir!

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