Product Recap: March 2015

Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes came aplenty to Quietly this month. In order for businesses to succeed, they must constantly be evolving. Hence the beginnings of an evolution at Quietly, where exciting changes came (and are coming). This month, we launched an overhaul of the content creation experience to encourage professionals to shout loud about Quietly, learned lots from our consumer and pro user base and began a brand a new project to add to our roster. March was pivotal for us in every sense of the word. Let’s take a look back at why this was our biggest month yet.

Quietly’s New Content Creation Tools

We spent months building a new, better vision for the Quietly tools to give our users a professional edge. With our new razor sharp focus, we had to make some tough cuts to the content creation process, but it’s made everything simpler. We stripped our product down to its bones and packed it with features to help you focus on what’s important—like viewing the final product as it’s being made for mobile and web, showing off your work in an easily manageable profile page (more on that to come) and having a better-than-ever WordPress integration to edit and customize lists within WordPress (squee!). Need some help with our new tools? Here are our pro tips for using our new product.

Professionals Welcome

Goodbye to the Quietly social network, hello to our new professional network. As we’ve matured as a company, we made the decision to shift from a consumer-centric platform of list-based content to zoom in on our professional suite of tools to enhance new content for their digital properties.

We’re forever grateful to our earliest adopters and loyal fans for following us as we make an 180 on our platform. For all of our list loving, microblogging consumer-centric fans, we’d love it if you continue to use our tools to create awesome, visually-stunning content. We’re not saying we’ll bribe you to stick around, but if you’d like to make some money making content, check out our ever-growing network of writers.

Lessons from Our Design Overhaul

Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 10.17.21 AM

There’s nothing better than continuing to learn. We set some realistic, but tall goals for our design overhaul. What we learned is to that the magic of Quietly’s UI rests in simplicity. When we set out to redesign our own content creation tools, we never wanted to “reinvent the wheel.” Our idea was to take what worked, remove what didn’t and create what would work. We kept the new content creation tools intuitive, instructive and flexible for newcomers and oldtimers alike as we consistently improve and annex new tools and display options. Plus, we learned that Bowie and Drake always make everything better. (Duh.)

Here endeth the lesson? Never. We love all kinds of feedback and we hear yours loud and clear. Drop us a line at to share your thoughts, opinions and heart’s desires on our new look and updates.

What’s Next for Quietly?

April showers bring May flowers, but it’s March’s madness that brings out our innovation. After we birthed Quietly’s redesign, we launched right into working on our new labor of love: a new, flexible display option.

We understand that there are different forms of content. We understand there are different ways to consume and interact with content. We understand that there are different kinds of readers—from those who value longform, those who prefer to skim, and everyone in between. We’re working on flexible display options to satisfy those reading habits. Stay tuned.

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Image Credit: Joshua Earle via Unsplash

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