Location, Location, Location: Map It With Our Map Display

The same Quietly carousel you know and love has a new look. Now don’t fret, you can still use the slideshow too, but now you also have the option of a map view. Richly informative, especially for readers on the go, this view is perfect for city guides, events and showcasing favourite spots.

Here’s a map view list—give it a whirl!


The new view is map-centric, meaning a map shaped by your content, is the centre of attention. This doesn’t mean images have gone completely to the wayside either. Rather, while the map is the main focal point, images and descriptions are still key parts of the experience. Each item of the list can include a web link, to direct readers to find out more about a specific location, as well as a link to directions, which feeds the address from your item into Google Maps, making it easy for readers to get directions from wherever they are, to the awesome place you’re recommending.

Some other bonuses of the map view include the ability for readers to view the map full screen allowing them to interact with the map in a big way on desktop. They are also able to view all the items, by title, in a list for easy browsing. If they see a marker on the map that resonates with them, they’re able to click on it and have the content for the item called up—again providing an additional way for readers to get the information they really want. Lastly, the arrows within the carousel can be customized to your brand colour with a colour picker (under the elements drop down menu on the ‘Customize your embedded list’ page), allowing you to customize the carousel further and let your true colours shine!

To create a map view post, simply head to the embed options after making a list. Then, it’s as simple as clicking the ‘Map’ tab and selecting the size. This means you can easily go back to lists created in the past, and refresh them with this new look. Keep in mind, no matter the size, it will be mobile optimized ensuring your readers can check out your maps and content on the go.

Map view is as easy as a click of a button.

Map view is as easy as a click of a button.

Still containing all the same benefits of the slideshow view, map view is just another great way to display content. Give it a try and see why it really is all about location.

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