Even More Changes

If you’re reading this then you’ve probably heard (thanks to Drake and David Bowie) that Quietly has undergone some changes. First, we overhauled our authoring experience so that it would be easier to create content and so we could accommodate our upcoming display options. Then, we set out to simplify the rest of the application.

Here are a few highlights:

  • Your profile page now lets you better organize your content and manage exactly what people see. If you’re a writer or creative type, this is a great place to show off your work. If you’re browsing, it’s a great way to discover content from people in the Quietly community.
  • The content you create using our tools is designed to live on other sites. If you discover some content on Quietly don’t be surprised if you’re taken to the website where the article lives. Publishers and brands love this because we’re driving traffic to their properties that use Quietly.
  • If you use WordPress you can now do everything—edit and customize—inside the visual editor. Creating content using our tools was always easy, but now you’ll get the full version of our app inside the WordPress environment. No need to change your existing workflow.

We’re continuing to improve our product everyday and we hope you like these changes as much as we do. That said, we love feedback so get in there and let us know what you think!


Team Quietly

Photo: SomeDriftwood/Flickr

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