Case Study John Casablancas Institute

If you’ve ever had the chance to take a stroll through Vancouver’s Historic Gastown, you would know how easy it is to feel inspired by the many emotions the artsy hub evokes. Nestled in this eccentric district is the one and only John Casablancas Institute (JCI).

JCI has been setting the standard in artistry and innovation for makeup and hair schools in Vancouver since 1978. They have done this by bringing to life some of the most talented hair, makeup, fashion and body spa artists.

In fact, JCI is world-renowned, and their popularity is unsurprising considering the multitude of awards their students win yearly. Combine that with a 95% job placement rate within six months for graduates and a 98% student satisfaction rating and you’re set for a runway of success.

“Content, as a form of marketing, is great because it mitigates things like ad block and serves as great ammo for our social channels like Facebook.”

To better connect with prospective students, JCI teamed up with Quietly to create content as thoughtful as the work their students were producing. Quietly’s strategic team did a deep dive into the fashion and beauty education industry, and in conjunction with JCI, came up with key topics that would resonate well with their students.

For example, we observed in our research that there was a high volume of searches around what it’s like and how to succeed as a beauty school student. In order to illustrate the daily life of their hard working students, Quietly produced many stories—notably “You Know You’re in Beauty School When…” and ‘Staying Sane: How to Balance Life and Fashion School”—to give students an idea of what it’s like to be in beauty school.

Another observation our research surfaced was one that separates the fashion and beauty industry from others that we create content for. Unlike most industries, the monthly keyword searches are quite cluttered and volatile as fashion is a very forward-thinking industry. Many “trends” quickly rise the ranks of most searched terms per month but end up becoming obsolete soon after. To help JCI stay away from producing content that has a short shelf life, we followed and assessed trends over the past few years. Our team noticed that bigger events such as the Paris or NYC fashion week ended up lasting much longer than most monthly trends and often stay as some of the top searches for the year. Armed with this information, JCI produced evergreen content such as “Our 7 Favorite Trends From New York Fashion Week” to ensure that their content is what people are searching for.

“Quietly’s data-driven insights ensure we’re staying relevant with consumers and that we’re constantly taking advantage of the right trends in this fast-moving space.”

Want to know how it turned out? If you were to Google “favourite new york fashion week trends,” JCI’s small yet elite Vancouver-based fashion school based ranks 7th in the search query, beating out high-profile publications such as Cosmopolitan UK, The New York Post and Vogue.

As you can see, the results speak for themselves. Over the course of 4 months Quietly has delivered more than 50 data driven pieces of beautifully written content. In this time, their page views increased by almost 20%. On top of that, four stories, including this piece on Top Makeup Trends For Fall 2015, are already in their top 10 most socially shared stories of all time.

“I love the team at Quietly. They’ve allowed us to compete online with world renowned publications, and have provided us with content that students love.”

Colin Boguski, Director of Admissions at JCI

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